Aeons ago, during the Golden Age of the Elves, halflings were a quiet, humble people known as Tucks. Due to an ancient catastrophe that has since faded into legend, the tucks were decimated and scattered, never again willing to settle into their old ways.


Starfoot halflings are the nomadic descendants of the ancient Tucks, forever wandering. They are the most commonly encountered halflings (and typically the only halflings) encountered by other cultures. Whenever a settlement of halflings develops, most of the residents develop a growing sense of dread that they can never pinpoint, and the population as a whole becomes subject to miniscule bouts of bad luck and misfortune. Whether this is an innate psychological aversion to reliving the past or a curse upon halflings, none can say for sure.

The details of Starfoot halfling culture varies wildly, but most halflings maintain a gypsy-like nomadic lifestyle, travelling in families, small troupes, or individually. Some few halflings that find discontent in Starfoot ways insert themselves into the cities and nations of other races, allowing them to experience a sense of community that they are unable to build for themselves.


Bramblebury halflings have continued the tuckish tradition forever-long, across the seas from their brethren and somehow missing out on the catastrophe that wiped the others out. Sure, they understood there were world-shattering dangers over the horizon, but that didn’t faze them one bit. Not when there were farms to be tilled, fish to be caught, and tobaccos needing smoked, no indeed. The old tucks’ propensity for a humble and simple lifestyle and not rocking the boat is certainly apparent in the secluded province of Bramblebury, where they’ve maintained the exact same customs for thousands of years. No easy feat for a short-lived race like halflings.

There has been no concrete explanation for why the Bramblebury tucks have avoided the fate of their brethren. It is possibly a unique combination of geographical placement and innate regional hardiness.


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